Day 4, Little Activity

I recently put together an experimental brew of 4 gallons apple cider, a quart of tart cherry extract (reconstituted), a half pound of black currants (dried), and just shy of three pounds of wildflower honey. I added pectin enzyme for clarity, and yeast nutrient for five gallons which it came out to be, and used redstar cuvee yeast. Unfortunately, the day after brewing, I had to go out of town on business for three days so I couldn’t say what activity happened in that interval, but now on day four, there seems to be little activity. There is no krausen (though I don’t know if this type of brew or ciders in general produce much krausen), and my airlock only bubbles 2-3 times per minute. Smelling the airlock after a bubble, it smells more of yeast than alcohol, but opening it up and smelling the brew itself smells strongly of dry wine. Does anyone have any thoughts? Since this is somewhere between a cider, wine, and mead, I didn’t know exactly which rules apply. Is it possible that fermentation is already slowing down and nearing completion? Or is it becoming stuck?

Thanks for any advice!

Could be almost done, or just a slow fermentation(some ciders are slowish)
Only one way to find out- you guessed it, Take a SG and see where you are.
What was your OG? I’m guessing somewhere around 1.045? With the cider plus the honey adding all simple sugars, your FG will probably be around1.005

Patience. It’s fine. Leave it alone for 3-4 weeks and then report back with a gravity reading.

Ok, thanks! Yes OG was 1.051. I will try to get another reading in about a week and let it go for now.