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Darkstar Burner

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the Darkstar Burner and I’ve brewed 2 batches with it. I’m running into an issue though. I’m getting a bright orange flame rather than a hotter blue flame unless I have it set at anything other than full blast. As a result, during my boil, I’m creating a ton of black soot on the bottom of my kettle (and I’m using more propane than necessary, I think). I’ve tried adjusting what I think is the way to fix it without any luck. Am I missing something?


I’m not familiar with this particular burner, but in general, there should be an adjustment at the venturi nozzle which allows you to increase / decrease airflow to clean up the burn.

I have now done 2 batches also with the same results. On full blast I get a blue flame. Anything less I get yellow/orange flame and soot. I have played with settings on the air valve without success. What am I missing. So far I like the ability to brew fast and outside, but I am unimpressed with the soot and amount of gas it seems to use.

I have not used that burner but something is up. If it didn’t come w/ instructions try a google search or contact manufacturer. I have solved many different equipment problems with google and youtube.

Thanks for the reply Beer Goggles. Unfortunately, I am not have great success with the Dark Star. The flame unless on high blackens my pot and it is a pain to clean after. It does come clean but soot is oily. The boils are fine. The dial gauge works well. But the soot is a pain. I would recommend others to save a bit more and go for a higher model.

You definitely want the blue flame, orange will scorch every time. I’ve heard some models are extremely noisy and innefficient on gas. I bought the Blichmann burner, it was pricey but no complaints. Sounds like the Dark Star is a did, sorry man.

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