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Dark Star 2 and humidity

This is my second brew with the Darkstar2 and a 10 gallon kettle outside. The first had an awesome boil and I had to turn the gas down as it was foaming over. The second was yesterday and I had trouble getting the wort to boil and stay boiling with late stage hops/extract despite being full gas and full air intake. The humidity was high (82%), did that affect my boil or is there something else that I missed? The first was Kama Citra IPA and the second was Ace of Spades IPA. Both were days I was happy I wasn’t brewing on the stove since my AC can’t keep up; and were both hot days (over 80). Any other ideas why I had a rough brew day? (The wort looks ok and the fermentation blew the lid on the BMB so I think it’s ok). Thanks!

I didn’t know Kama sutra was a beer too :slight_smile:

Kama Citra. Weird autocorrect

Humidity can absolutely affect boiling points, as well as atmospheric pressure, which are related. The density of the wort will also affect the boiling point. The higher the density of the wort the longer it will take to boil, so since you boiled two different worts they should have two different boiling points.

Just to be sure, I’d check your air supply tube. A partial blockage from a spider web or something similar can cut the flame down to next to nothing. Spoken from experience earlier this year…

Yes the venturi can be drastically reduced by said spider, even them damn dirt wasps… Sneezles61

Thanks everyone for your help! I brewed again yesterday and did not have any problems. I think I will avoid brewing on really humid days anyway, it was not very comfortable outside anyway.

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