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Dark hoppy ale

This is a recipe designed to eliminate some odds and ends of crushed grain we’ve accumulated, and hopefully taste pretty good. It might be a little like Stone Arrogant Bastard, at least in being dark and hoppy. Tell me what you think.

GRAINS Mash 4 Gall
10 # Pils malt 145 F - 40 min
1 # Briess 20 L Caramel 155 F - 20 min
10 OZ Weyerman Caramunich 2
6 OZ Simpson xtra drk crystal Sparge with 4 Gall 170 F water
4 OZ Crisp Amber malt Boil ~90 min to ~5.5 Gall
4 OZ Simpson Chocolate malt

HOPS (leaf)
1.5 OZ Simcoe (14.1%AA) - 75 min
.75 OZ Tettnang(6.1%AA)/.25 OZ Simcoe - 30 min
1 OZ Tettnang/.5 OZ Simcoe - 15-0 min (15,7.5,1min additions)

Wyeast-1056 American Ale

I have almost a pound of each of the hops, and I’ve been wanting to try a few new hop pairings. I went with more Tett so the more subtle noble hop flavor isn’t overwhelmed by the grapefruit/piney Simcoe taste. I thought it might be more interesting than doubling up on tangy American hops (I could have gone Simcoe/Amarillo).

OG:1.057 FG:1.014 IBU: 100.6 ABV: 5.7% Color: 20 SRM (Beer Calculus, Hopville website)
Appreciate any feedback, or suggestions as to style.

guess i’ve never tried tett and simcoe together, interested to see what it tastes like. oh, and if you are mashing at 145 you might want to go a little longer than 45 min.

I’m doing a step mash: 40 at 145, 20 at 155. It got chopped off somehow. May be awhile, but I’ll let you know how it comes out. Looks like I was right about the Simcoe in Big Sky - in spades. I thought I had a tendency to over-hop - those guys are just a little serious about their lupulin.

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