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Danstar ESB

Just bought a sachet of Danstar ESB yeast. The dude at the LHBS said it was a dry equivalent of WLP002. Anybody tried it yet ?

Is it London esb…or just esb?


Did use it two weeks ago. Normaly do use liquid vials. But wanted to try this in dry form. Did make a starter. 4 liter. It has been doing its nice work. Last sat did check at the brewery. The grav. It went from 1 078. To 1.020. Will check sat again at the brewery

Very low and slow floccer.

Just looked at the Danstar website. Sounds nothing like wlp002. Looks more like Muntons.

You best watch that language, young man… Flars will see that, and … and… well, do something!! Sneezles61

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