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Damage Estimate

Hello Everyone,

This evening when moving a carboy of Belgian Wit from one location to another, I inadvertently forgot to place the outside end of the blow off hose back into the bucket of water. The beer is in its third day of primary fermentation and is still fairly active, though definitely winding down (no blowoff since yesterday). I would guess that the hose was out of the water bucket for about 3 hours. Assuming that nothing crawled into the carboy, am I in for an unpleasant result?

If active fermentation is still happening, and it sounds like it is, you have nothing to worry about.

Get the open end of the blow-off tube under some water (plus some sanitizer mixed in) and go have a beer. :wink:


More than likely… no. You should be fine.

Certainly not a mistake to repeat, but I woulnd’t sweat it at all.

Thanks, guys - I was hoping for an answer along those lines!

The great thing about active fermentation, is that with so much stuff coming out, you don’t have to worry much about anything getting in. And since your hose was pointing down, you don’t need to worry about any particulates falling in either. You’ll be fine. Lots of people do open air fermentation on purpose with quite a bit of success. I don’t have the guts to try that myself (especially with the tendency for mold to happen in my basement where I ferment) but people do it.

Dan, this happened to me and it turned out fine. So, RDWHAHB.

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