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Da Beers

Had some family over last night who thouroughly enjoyed the on tap selections. We stood three of them up next to each other: Rye, 51K Clone, and Saison. Yum!


Nothing beats sharing your home brew and getting good feedback

I agree. Nothing better than honest feedback. Especially when it’s positive.

Some feedback is questionable. I had a friend of our tell me my wheat beer tasted just like Shock Top. I wasn’t sure if I should have been happy or upset. :fearful:

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Upset is the correct response :wink:

Probably the same person who told me they hate wheat beer but love shock top. Huh

Actually she is a great lady. I make sure to brew a wheat every summer for her. She gets her husband to drive home.

It is cool when someone tastes your beer for the first time and asks “you brewed this”?

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