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Czech Pilsner with absolutely no head but carbonated well

summary-I made a lager beer with no head retention but got head back by blending 6 cups of another beer with good head into the 4 gallons of the headless lager.

I made a czech pilsner with kveik yeast. I added clarity ferm at start of fermentation to reduce gluten. I later added gelatin right before crashing it to 34 F. It went for a few days then I accidentally knocked the thermocouple out of the freezer and the freezer ran full bore overnight. Everything froze solid. Not just frozen but sub freezing. I let it thaw out then let it lager for about 3 weeks total. I put pressure in the keg about 2 weeks ago and let it sit while I went on vacation. When I came back, had 20 PSI in it. I poured a beer and it had absolutely no head. Carbonated well but no head retention. Was exceptionally clear beer as you can imagine.

So I added 6 cups of a NB extract beer called the innkeeper to 4 gallons of the pilsner. Inverted keg twice to mix. The beer now has the normal head when poured. Side bar, the innkeeper extract kit is the worst beer I ever brewed…tastes flat.

I believe this is created by 1) the grain bill and 2) the available proteins settling out when it went to Siberia.

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