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Current 15% off limitations at northern brewer

NB has 15% off site wide but they often have limitations. Their webpage mistakenly takes me to black friday specials rather than the 15% off so I cant find limitations.
Any one know the limitations?
No replies necessary tomorrow as its over

nevermind I used trial and error and figured out. grains not included, kits are, as well as temp controllers

typo temp controllers not thermowells are

Funny definition of “site wide” there’s a ton of exclusions:

All promotional offers exclude grain, gift cards, all Anvil/Blichmann, PLAATO, Still Spirits Distilling Equipment, & Tilt products; Grainfather G40, S40, G70, SF70, Grainfather Conical Fermenter, & Grainfather Glycol Chiller; Sprowt Labs: The Acro Personal Malthouse, Keg King Kegerators, Jockey Boxes, Brother Justus Whiskey Barrel, Brewer’s Edge Mash And Boil Electric Brewing System, Northern Brewer Grain Storage & Scale Kit, Northern Brewer Dual-Stage Temp Controller, Inkbird Dual-Stage WiFi Temp Controller, Beer Variety 3-Packs, Limited Edition Wine Recipe Kits (including RJS Cru Specialty, RJS Restricted Quantities, Winexpert Dessert, and Winexpert Limited Edition Wines), Limited Edition Craft Beer Making Gift Set, Beer Recipe Kit SUDscription, and In-Store Fresh Juice Wine Pails.


Would it have been easier to tell whats not limited? :joy:

And I JUST ordered some oetiker clamps for my beer lines… maybe I should cancel and go for the discount?

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If you need clamps… I suggest to get some clamps… Heck… I’ve got a couple extra… could’ve sent you one… :grin:

Yeah, I checked on the tilt this morning when I saw the extended sale, no dice. Guess I’ll keep waiting a while before I splurge on that one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have two beers worth of ingredients in my basement so couldn’t talk the wife into letting me get two more on sale, just transferred the latest two to kegs so I’ll be good for a while on homebrew regardless. :innocent:


Oh but the Tilt gizmo is great…

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