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In brewing a sour when would you add cucumbers and about how much would you include?

Never used cucumber but fruit I usually do a secondary after about 5 days primary. I imagine cucumber you would need quite a bit if you want to taste them.

Never been using cucumber but the contain lots of water as well. So think not much flavour

I had a cucumber Saison that managed a very nice cucumber flavor–wasn’t sure I’d like it at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. As others have said, I think you’ll need quite a lot to get significant flavor, but you can also start with a more modest amount, taste after a few days, then add more if you can’t taste or smell it enough.

Just out of curiosity, are you adding to a keg, or secondary before bottling?

Totally guessing, but I’d probably start with at least 6-8 finely sliced cucumbers in a 5 gallon batch. I’d put them in a couple weeks before you plan to bottle/serve, and plan to allow for delayed bottling/serving if you taste and feel like you need more.

I do like cucumber salad. With vinegar and salt. Wonder how a cucumber gose would come out

Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised by the cucumber saison I got at a local brewpub (Jailbreak Q.Cumber). The cucumber was really refreshing and seemed to blend pretty well with a fairly tame Belgian.

Didn’t seem like a gimmick, which is what I feared.

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