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Cub Foods in Twin Cities - chest freezers

I was in Cub Foods 2 days ago and they are again running their chest freezer deal. $159 for a small chest freezer and a load of frozen food and coupons. If your looking for a cheaper freezer to hack away at it may be worth considering.
Unfortunately I didn’t look at the hinge sets to see if they are easily removed to make a interface for pass-thrus and taps. Also am not sure how many cornies, carboys or if a 1/4 bl will fit.
That was at the Arden Hills store.

I picked one of these up a couple weeks ago, great deal with all the coupons. It fits 2 cornys well, and some room to spare for some bottles and co2

Thought the same thing when I saw those freezers at Cub, I’ve already got a bigger chest freezer but I still found myself trying to think of ways to justify getting one. :cheers:

Thanks for the pics and input.
I purposely walked by it quick because too many home projects going on right now. I may be ready to take action next time they offer it up again.

Is it a fairly quiet running unit?

yes this is a pretty quiet unit. I have it in my basement and cannot hear when it runs. It is quieter than my refrigerator.

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