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Crystalized Lemon

In looking at our host’s Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy recipe I see that it calls for 12 grams of crystalized lemon at bottling. This intrigues me because I haven’t heard of this before. Has anyone used this product? It seems that there is one major maker online.

There are other crystalized citrus products that this company makes. They appear to be sugar free even though they contain evaporated cane juice as a final ingredient.

I understand that the Summer Shandy the Lienes’s makes does not contain any lemon… They use the lemon drop hop to get that flavor… For those of you not familiar, it is a real big crowd pleaser for the folks who like a real light brew… I have not tried it… Sneezles61

All of the Leinenkugel shandies have fruit flavor added and some honey (not vegan). They are all good and the fruit is not overpowering. You probably walk past them in the grocery store all summer long sneezes.

I’ve used the product, but not for beer. It’s great in tea, hot or iced, if there’s not an actual lemon handy. Not terrible in a tall ice water.
I even tried it in a Diet Coke. — don’t do that, it fizzes over.

At the right level, I can see it working in beer. But yea, before carbing.

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We don’t have much in the way of brews in the grocery stores up here, and if we do, its either 3.2% or near beer… Our local “muni” has it on tap… many peeps drink that…
My wife went to that brewery tour, even the honeyweiss had such a small amount of honey she asked them why even use it… So they could call it honeyweiss… Sneezles61

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