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Crystal and Amarillo dry hop effects?

I noticed the new Conundrum session IPA recipe from NB and have a questions…

What are the effects of amarillo and crystal at 5 min from end of boil and again when dry hopped?

I’ve never had a beer with these two in the dry hop mix, especially on a malt bill of Pilsen.

Can I get a good read on the taste of this from the experts? I’m not a huge simcoe fan to begin with, but I know it pairs well with amarillo. Curious as to the crystal combo.

Thanks sessionaires!!! :cheers:

The combo must be more rare than I originally thought! 8)

Crystal and Amarillo are less bittering and more flavoring hops if I am correct. I want to try the conundrum as I was thinking of doing a session with Crystal during the wort stage and dry hopping with Columbus. Sounds good to me.

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