Crystal 10L = Briess Caramel 10L?

The guy at my LBHS said they’re the same. Is that right? I only ask because the names are so different.

Likely the Crystal is a Rahr product. So they are similar in the 10L color range. But they will have different, but similar flavor.

Salsa is salsa right? :slight_smile:

Are they in open bags so you can pop a couple kernels in your mouth and taste them?

They’re the same thing, or near enough. Some brands call it crystal, some call it caramel. Products from different maltsters are of course going to have differences, but their general character is the same.

Crystal/caramel malts are malts that have undergone some conversion prior to kilning, then during kilning the converted sugars become caramelized and thus less fermentable. They add body, sweetness, caramel flavor, and color.

Crystal = Carmel.