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Cryo Hops

Anyone try Cryo Hops yet? I’m intrigued.

My LHBS had them when I was buying grains the other day and I asked about them. The guy said they’re used primarily for whirlpooling and dry hopping. 1oz of CRYO is equal to 2oz or regular hops which is why the price was nearly double per oz I guess. I buy my hops in bulk and am trying to use up some old stock and I didn’t try them yet but I look forward to hearing more about them.

I’ve also read they good for whirlpool and DH. I like the idea of less vegetal matter.

I’ve got a few ounces of each variety. I plan on using them in an IPA once I get around to it.


Seems intresting in using them while dryhop

With less vegetal material, does it drop out the same as regular hops, or does it take longer or even require more fining?
Granted, this is more of a dry hopping question than whirlpool.

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