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Crushing grain

Good evening everyone…I stupidly ordered uncrushed grain and now don’t know what to do, is there a cheap way to crush grain at home or should I just buy a barley crusher now, which I was planning to do in the summer anyway…Thanks

All grain or extract with grains?? If all grain and have the money buy the mill. My mill has very much helped my consistency. Being able to buy bulk grain has helped save money too. It will pay it self back.

Cheap way…put in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin.

10lbs all grain…think I will bite the bullet and order one. Thanks

They have a special on the Captain Crush using the code “makeithappen” 20 percent off! Enjoy, you can do so much with all grain crushing and mashing!


No regrets here from buying a mill. Go for it.

brought a Barley crusher today from LBS great deal and easy to use, didnt even bother getting my drill out. :slight_smile:

I bet you will if you bump up to 10 gal batches. Those RIS recipes have single handedly juiced up my biceps! :lol:

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