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Crowd Pleaser Crossover Beer

Here is my crowdpleaser recipe for a Canadian ale that should go over well with the BMC crowd.

I adapted it from a kit bought loooong ago.

9# Canada malting pale ale malt (153 1 hr)
1/2# Carapils
(Extract: 6# NB Gold Malt syrup, 1/4# carapils, 1# Canada Malting pale ale)

1/2 oz Willamette (60 mins)
1/2 oz Willamette (30 mins)
1/2 oz Willamette (5 mins)
1/2 oz Willamette (0 mins)

WLP 0001 California Ale or Wyeast 1056 American Ale (1L starter is plenty big for this)

Note: My recipe calls for 1/2# of carapils in the extract version, but nb gold has a little carapils already in it.


Just edited for yeast. Oops. I was trying to file my taxes at the same time I was writing the recipe… :lol:

I say boost the hops to get you above 30 IBU’s, a beer with only 16 IBU’s is not much of a crossover. BMC beers generally have hopped to the 12-15 IBU range.

Just my opinion…the rest is up to you.

Not sure I’d drink a beer made with 9 lbs of male extract… :wink:

Much less a tablespoon :shock:

I assume he meant pale malt, he does have separate extract ingredients…but yea, male extract not in my pint.

I assume he meant pale malt, he does have separate extract ingredients…but yea, male extract not in my pint.[/quote]


I said I was doing my taxes…damn! :oops: ... -malt.html

I like the color and the bit of extra malt flavor I get from this grain for this beer. I did post the extract recipe too, so those who are brewing extracts can brew this too.

And dont be harsh on the syrup NB offers. Its not mash, but I’ve been brewing a Loooong time. I would be hard pressed to mash anything as good as that syrup now offers 15 years ago. The grains were not what they are now. N00bs can brew a damn good beer from the extract too. Dont discourage.

The IBU’s are low intentionally. The big thing that the MBC crowd gets put off by is hops. This brings the hops in subtly. yet the willamette flavor comes through and they love it.

Oh wow.

I read my OP and no. I would not drink even 1 oz of male extract either! :oops:

And to make things worse, I had to re- e-file my taxes twice to fix the goofs there too. I wont try to multitask again…

but it gave the beer a great “creamy” flavor and just a little more “shwing”!!! LOL sorry I had to “inject” into this conversation… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, now that I took my “beatings” :mrgreen: for my typos that day, I wanted to say that I brewed this beer a few times a year when I knew I had fam/friends coming over for a gathering. These peeps were MBC types and labelled my beers as “too strong” “too dark” and “too heavy”. When you step back and look through their goggles, they are speaking the truth, from their perspective. They were uninitiated. Unless I was serving a big beer, they meant too hoppy, too much malt and darker than suicidal blonde. The Canadian two row is light, but darker (not so much so, though) than they are used to. It has body, but again, just enough. The IBU’s are low, but the aroma and some hop flavor is very present. These peeps always drained one 5 gallon corney at a gathering and kicked the hell out of a second. I carbed to 2.5X to give it enough bubbles, but still less than the fizzy stuff they were used to.

We often make the mistake of thinking that we can show the MBC crowd how “real beer” is supposed to be, when they think “real beer” is silver bullet in the can. Hence we overload underappreciative senses. These people aren’t gonna suddenly try a double IPA, or a Belgian Dubbel or Scot Wee Heavy and say “Wow! I see the light!”

These people need to be crossed over a very short and sturdy bridge. Brew a batch. Pour it to the MBC’s in your life. Its a nice lawnmower beer for summer. And they will say stuff like “wow! this is like real beer but better!!”

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