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Creative ideas for a "beer stand"

We are having a wedding reception in this cool old barn and I am trying to come up with a creative “beer stand” idea. There will be 3 taps setup, one with a tasty raspberry wheat I brewed up, one with Fat Tire and one with a commercial light beer. I have tubs for each keg, a CO2 tank, and all the necessary pieces. My problem is coming up with a setup that fits the barn and occassion.

My first idea was to use this section of an old fence. Its 6 foot tall and 3 foot wide. But it just doesnt seem to fit the theme. Plus, there would just be tubs/kegs sitting behind it without any real camouflage.

I know this is an off the wall request, but any creative ideas/pictures would really be appreciated!


Our brew club (CRAFT) made a very nice one which holds 12 kegs and has 12 Perlick taps.

that is a beautiful sight. I’m looking to build something like that for my basement.

Joe Burgel (from our club) is very talented with wood working. And I thought I was good. :slight_smile:

MullerBrau, what do the insides of that stand look like? It looks to small to be based on a normal freezer?

Wow, simply, wow!

[quote=“etk29321”]MullerBrau, what do the insides of that stand look like? It looks to small to be based on a normal freezer?[/quote] Nothing fancy. It is just a wooden box. It was made to be able to be broken down real fast.

just in case the fuzz wants to oppress the home brewers? :lol: “Crap! It’s the Man! Break down the stout & wit!”

I am doing this exact thing on Saturday for my wedding. I scavenged old wood from the barns to throw together a bar (which was somewhat of a bad idea since it was rotten in places and now the bar is leaning), my fiancées mom added some of the fake leather fabric to the top so it’s water proof. Then we will have a big aluminum trough for kegs, wine and pop to sit in behind the bar. We also have some old cabinet doors that we painted with chalkboard paint that will list what’s available.

I’m rolling my two keg keezer out there on a stand I built. I added a distributor and drilled two holes in the collar to run gas out to two sanke connections.

All in all we’ll save a ton of money on beer vs. a caterer but wow this is a lot of work. I’ll try to take a picture.

Very Nice! He wouldn’t have plans available to share, would he?

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