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Creating my own yeast strain

This just a experiment. Did boil some dme. In a mason jar did add some. Grapes orange. Strawberry. Just to see if it creates some fungus. Ones i got some. I want to put it on a plate. See i can create a strain. But how do i know what to keep and separate. The healty stuff from the bad. And how long. Before i got sonething going on. Remember its just a experiment. Ones ready do make a small 1 gall brew.

Now may be a good time to read, if you haven’t already, the Yeast book… I’ll bet there are a few more too. A local brewery up here has done this using the yeast from plums… Good luck and tell us what you’ve come up with! Sneezles61

Did read the yeast book as well. Its just to see how it does come out did call a lab to help me. To colect the healty yeast cells. See how it goes. Nice you tube video as well on how to collect and. Make sure you do take the nice round cells

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New version of How to brew has a good section on capturing wild yeast. Something I thought was interesting was he mentioned adding pineapple juice to lower the pH of the wort so harmful bacteria wouldn’t grow in it. Don’t remember that mentioned in the Yeast book but I could be wrong.

Ive captured yeast before but your not making your own strain you need laboratory conditions to isolate a single strain to do that. The stuff I captured worked alright as long as I wanted that attenuated really low. Used it in some saisons

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Got a date with some one. From a medical school. They got a lab. Gonna bring. A pietry dish. To them. With the. Fungus. They gonna help me. To get the healty cells. Than leave it there. So it can do its thing. Haha hope it works.


How romantic, “I’ll show you my yeast, can I see yours?” Maybe not on the first date.



As long as its not in the infection state.

You two are horrible!! :grin: Sneezles61

Nothing bad on a first date smelling yeast

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