Creating my own ipa beer

morning you all
me thinking about creating my own recipy a lemmy kilmister ipa beer as ode to the great bass player rip
now question will be i never created a beer recipy so kind of stuck on witch hops to use and for dy hops what kind of hops i shoud use
my idea it a 5 gallon batch with a gravity of at least 1.088
and a sort of jack daniels after taste
can you help me on this topic
you all have a good weekend

What kind of hop flavor are you after? Fruity hops/Piney hops/Dank hops/Woody hops/Floral hops/Spicy hops? Is there a commercial IPA whose hop flavor tastes like what you’re going for?

more like woody floral with strong after taste

For woody and floral you could bitter with cluster hops and try fuggles for late additions. Citra might be nice for the aftertaste you are looking for…

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thanks will try next week got these hops at home.

I’d go with something dank, like Columbus for bittering and simcoe for late additions. Can’t go wrong with Citra or Mosaic for flame-out and dry hopping. But I would soak some medium-toast American oak cubes in some whiskey for a couple of weeks and add it to secondary, to simulate it being in a whiskey barrel. Strong IPA with dank hops and whiskey barrel notes is an awesome combination!

Yes Porkchop has it heading in the right direction, oak cubes, toasted and heavily soaked in say…. Jack Daniels? Sneezles61