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Cream ale at 1.012 ready?

Has a nice faint sweet bubblegum like aroma 1056 Wyeast from starter in primary for 10 days.

Sounds like you may have fermented a little too warm, that’s a fairly clean yeast…what was the OG? If in the upper 1.040’s, you’re probably done. I’d let it sit another week or so.

I’d let it at least go two weeks. Some of the smells you get out of primary don’t match up to the flavor of the beer.

I have not used a hydrometer in years. 1056 is a great yeast. I don’t ever recall a bubblegum smell from it. Your beer is done when it’s done. I usually give it 10 to 14 days at the recommended temp.

I used S-05 with the kit, my FG was 1.008 (OG 1.039) , was pretty much done in 5 days, but I gave it another 10 days to clean up.

With low prices brews or lower OG beers I am not inclined to pay a premium for liquid yeast. That being said, I am really new to this and I could be doing it wrong.

I used S-05 with the kit…I am not inclined to pay a premium for liquid yeast. [/quote]

Until I get a recipe exactly like I want it, I tend to split my wort into 2 fermentors and pitch 2 different yeasts just to see what happens. I have been consistently surprised by how different the final beers are from same wort with different yeasts! Even with yeasts like WY1056 and US-05 that are SUPPOSED to be the same. I have found that in a pale yellow beer, like my cream ale, I get a distinct “peachy” ester with US-05 but not with WY1056. I rarely make a straight cream ale anymore unless its for friends and then I use WY1056 for the clean (almost soul-less) fermentation character. Usually when I make a cream ale, it is a base for a Jalapeno pepper beer, then the peach ester from the US-05 is a great complement to the Jalapeno flavor.

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