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Crash course in kegging

I just happened to fall into 2-5G corny’s. I’ve only bottled till now, so I’m looking for a crash course in kegging. Only vaguely familiar with what I’m going to need and I’m starting from scratch. Much appreciation to anyone who could point me in the right direction.



-something to keep them cold (fridge/freezer)
-5# CO2 tank
-quick connects (to connect gas to keg and keg to line to faucet to dispense)
-gas hosing
-beer hosing (aka beer line) and picnic tap

Zymurgy - A Bottler’s Guide To Kegging

I found this to be immensely helpful when I was preparing to start kegging: … r-freezer/

Even if you don’t go with a converted freezer, the video still provides a nice overview of the components you need to dispense kegged homebrew.

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