Crack down on home brewers

I found this interesting. I wonder what brought that on, in CO no less.

I don’t take that as a crackdown. They are just “enforcing” the existing laws. And they clearly state they aren’t looking for violations, and will only investigate complaints or clear violations.

It makes sense. With a booming hobby you can’t have people running rogue and selling HomeBrew. Just remember, people will take shortcuts in making it which could also result in health concerns.

I know laws are different from state to state. My home brew store has 2 beer taps and 2 wine taps. They are not selling it just giving it away. Someone must have made a complaint or twisted some arms. Just smells fishy to me.

I would agree that something is amiss. Without re-reading it I thought they mentioned serving a minor. That will raise red flags quick as $hi+!

Maybe at the very least, the law is keeping an eye open and not worried about keeping HB in check… Sneezles61

Keeping home brew in check for who? Here is another article
it wasn’t that long making beer at home was illegal. Home brew stores can’t give away samples? What about breweries? I go to a lot of breweries and always get free samples. I think this smells of someone worried they are not getting their share ( taxman). It’s not about underage drinking. You have to do if in a back room marked private? come on.

If a homebrew store isn’t licensed to serve then they shouldn’t be. Mine has taps too and an onsite license. That’s just common sense and yes it’s about the taxman. Don’t mess with the taxman or you’ll lose everything you own.

Going to get it one way or another. Pretty soon they will try to tax grain.

I bout figure thats the next big tax job coming… There is so much interest in HB, they will get the taxman to take our highs away, or tax us out of our hobby! Sneezles61

Some bean counter figured how much revenue they are loosing in beer sales to BYO. And like Danny said “don’t mess with the tax man”

Serving to a minor will get attention. They really should have known better. Some kid comes home smelling like beer then mom and dad drag out of him/her they got it a the LHBS. A couple of calls later and problems start.

One LHBS I know shares samples but only in the back room and only with (adult) people he knows he can trust. Just be smart about it.

You don’t need new guidelines about serving minors. That’s a law. What this is about is getting home brew stores to buy a special license or permit If the want to have a sampling or teach a class. As far as the sting goes it was entrapment.

They aren’t “new.” They are explaining the law as it has been written. It clearly isn’t entrapment because they were normally doing it. And, serving the minor is clearly part of why they want to put a stop to this.

I think people are missing a big part of this. Sure taxes are probably part of it but there’s other MAJOR concerns. There’s inherent health risks, liability issues, and civil issues.

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I wonder why over in other country’s a person can drink before they are able to drive? Are they more mature? Are they willing to deal with their faults/problems at home, not find blame somewhere else? So here is our way to deal with it, some one else caused them to drink, under age and vulnerable, so its anthers fault and deputy dog will get you!! sneezles61

Over here, I already have to pay value-added tax on grain (and hops, and yeast, and EVERYTHING that I buy). But because grain is an agricultural product, it fits into the food category and its only taxed at 14%. Most things are 24%.

24% sales tax is high. What about property tax or income tax?

Property tax is extremely low compared to US standards (a few hundred per year for a typical house), income tax is much higher across all income levels, and is much more progressive than in the US. Top rate is about 60%, but you have to be making a LOT to pay that.
So overall taxes are higher, but so are the benefits. A lot of the things you need to pay for over there (health care, college, daycare, life insurance) are either free or much lower cost here. In the US, you often wonder where the tax money is going. Over here, it feels like you get your money’s worth for what you pay out.