Coverting single tap tower to a dual tap tower

Good afternoon,

I picked up a nice summit single tap kegerator used for my dad. After reading a boatload on home brew talk, I’m still up in the air about how I want to convert the single tap tower to a dual tower. The diameter of the tower is only 2.5 inches. Any thoughts or recommendations. I would prefer to not cut another hole in the tower.



You could use something like this: ... -1HK.shtml

Unfortunately that one is designed for a 3 inch diameter tower. Mine is 2.5 inches.

Beverage Factory has the whole set up for $90. … 6843.shtml If your tower is 2.5 inches you may need to do some drilling to switch to one though.

I bought a kegorator that had a cheap plastic tower with some crazy screw in design and just removed it, lined up my triple tower from the last one, marked out and drilled the bolt holes and it went pretty smooth.

Good suggestion. Does that setup come with shanks too?

I think it is complete but you can always give them a call. If it is for homebrew in soda kegs you will have to cut off the commercial keg connections on the tubing and replace them with soda QDs of course.

Pulled the trigger on the new tower with 2 taps. The new tower is 3 inches in diameter as opposed to 2.5. Only problem now is that the holes to install the new tower obviously don’t match up with those currently present. Does anyone know if I’ll run into an issue with coolant lines drilling 4 new holes to attach the tower?

I don’t have the schematics but I would bet that since it is designed as a kegerator there is no cooling lines in the top to worry about.

Correct. Made simple and called Summit this morning. No coolant lines on the top. Drilled holes and set the new tower. Looks great!