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Couple BIAB efficiency tips

I’m getting consistent efficiencies of 83-85% with 10 gallon biab batches and thought I would share the changes I made to my process that jumped the numbers up from mid 70’s. First I cut the bottom out of a food grade 5 gal. bucket, slipped it down inside the brew bag for mashing in. With this I can use a high speed paint mixer to mash in without fear of snagging the bag material. This really helps with 22lbs of grain. I’ll then mix (without the bucket) 2 times during the hour rest. Then I lift the bag out with a hand winch and sparge over the top of the grain bag with hot tap water. I put a plastic ring inside the grain bag and mash the grains out and up to that ring. I can keep that flooded with water until I get the volume 1 gallon less than what I want. That is how much I can squeeze out of a saturated grain bag. Anyway, this is probably old hat for most, but just thought I’d share. If you have any other tips, please ass in replies


I like the idea of the cut bucket. I twisted up my bag once, not fun.

Since I bought a basket, I see where the ingenuity of the cut bucket to replace the basket…. cool thinking… I found that compacting the grist also extracted extra stuff that wasn’t wanted, hence my wort didn’t clear as easily… Heads up thinking… I can see a market for that! Sneezles61

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What kind of basket are you talking about? Stainless mesh or steamer basket?

Stainless steel from utah biodiesel. Actually awesome baskets, and lots for hops too! Spend some money and see if it works for you. I am happy as hell with mine. Sneezles61

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Why not use the big basket as you hop basket through the boil too. Should also help filter out the cold break. I’ve looked at those and thought I would get one when my brew bag wears out.

I need room fer my IC, so even having the big basket, I can dump it and use it for what you describe Gregw, but then where will the IC go? Sneezles61

Just ordered a corny keg dry hopper from them…shipped from Michigan :slight_smile:

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Thats on my list too… I have been using kegs to ferment in, so, I would also use as a filter fer the bigger chunks of debris. Simple rack through it! Oh yeah, put some hops into it also whilst racking!! Sneezles61

My last two biab brews have been around 80% due to stirring twice during the mash and doing a mini 1 gallon sparge…thanks for the tips!!!

Going to put 'er to work this weekend :grinning:

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What is that container for your bag @uncdeo?

Dry hopper for the keg :grinning:

Duh… I feel stupid now…

I should have read the entire thread… :no_mouth:

Thats a nice setup right there!! :sunglasses:Sneezles61

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