Country Malt Group

Has anyone ordered from the Country Malt Group lately? I’ve been a home brewer customer
for them for sometime now and I’ve always received the PDF reader prices. Today, I placed an order using the CMG’s PDF reader that has their current malt prices and when they sent me an email confirmation order some of the prices were doubled. I almost fell over. They say it’s home brew prices vs. the regular malt prices. The home brewer’s prices plus shipping was the deal breaker.

Looking at their website it seems pretty clear that they are not interested in being a B2C business. They’re looking to sell to Breweries and LHBSs

At one time when they were the North Country Malt, they sold to home brewers the same price as the larger breweries. Oh well.

NCM no longer sells to homebrewers at discount prices. Our bulk buy group typically purchased 12,000+ lbs of grain every January but our last buy occurred in 2013 and they cut us off - they are only selling to breweries, retail stores, and co-ops now.