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Counter Pressure Filler Disaster


I had a complete disaster with a counter pressure filler today. I bought this one:

I first purged the bottle with CO2 from the gas side with the relief valve open. Then I switched to the liquid dispense side. Once beer was flowing through the relief valve, I tried to remove the device from the bottle only to have a beer geyser shooting all over my kitchen. It was a total mess. Thankfully my wife forgave me and helped me clean up the mess. She really is a gem!

Anyway…where did I go wrong?

Tips please!



First make sure everything is cold. Filler and hoses, sanitized bottles, and beer.

Put the filler in a bottle.
Open the pressure relief valve on the filler.
Open valve toward CO2. I count to 10 to evacuate the air in the bottle.
Then close the pressure relief valve and wait until the CO2 stops flowing. This pressurizes the bottle to the same as the keg.
Turn valve toward beer flow. Not much should happen.
Open the pressure relief valve until the beer starts to flow slowly.
When the beer fills the bottle, turn off the beer.
Then open the pressure relief valve slowly.
After the beer foam stops coming out of the relief valve, take out the filler and cap.
The first bottle always seems to foam more.


I have that same filler & never had a problem. I have no idea what you did to cause that. I just wish you recorded it & posted for our viewing pleasure. :cheers:

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