Cost of apple juice

Hi all,

I’ve made a few batches of hard cider using kits (Mangrove Jacks) and was very pleased with the result but now I would like to try my hand at staring with fresh apple juice. I contacted a local orchard and they can provide me with 10 gallons of juice for $175. This seems expensive to me compared to the kits (about $90 for 10 gallons) but I’ve never purchased fresh apple juice before. Is this a good price / bad price?

Appreciate the input.


That sounds expensive, but I guess it just depends on location. We buy local here in Chattanooga for about $8/gallon, so about $80 for ten gallons, and we really only have one good orchard in the city.



Thank you Ron - I figured that was on the high side; $8 a gallon is much more in my budget!!! I guess I’ll stick with Costco or Trader Joe’s

That’s a horrible price. I can get $6/gallon at every orchard around here. Maybe $8/gallon tops. Not $17.50, that’s insane.

I agree that’s a horrible price. When I used to live in New England, I’d pay $4-5 per gallon (though that was 10 years ago). Of course, it really does depend on the location. Here, despite lots of apple orchards, the price is about 3.5 Eur/liters, which converts to ~$14/gal.

Good golly. Gotta juice your own then. Prices were super reasonable here for a long time at $3.50/gallon until about 3-4 years ago, then all of a sudden WHAM everybody raised to $6 for the past several years.

Yes, juice yer own, with a juice extractor it may take a while. I did 6 gallons a few years ago…… many hours ,but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try. I still have a couple of bottles left to savor while juicing this fall! I wonder if anyone out there has tried running the juice thru a RO gizmo to up the apple/sugar content? You know, higher gravity with out the apple flavor leaving the party?
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We get it here for $7 CAD (US$5.3) per gallon pasteurized or if you go unpasteurized then it is CAD$3.75 ($US2.90) per gallon (CAD$1 per litre, US$0.75). I think $6 USDollars is quite pricey for apple juice - are all the orchards price fixing?

They’re all in cahoots. Used to be much cheaper. Just in the past 2-3 years it’s gone up.

I don’t know, $6 per gallon seems OK to me. Price this year for a 3.5 liter jug is 13€ - about $15 per gallon. It was a lousy year for apples here. No cider for me this year.

As an individual I can get fresh, unpasteurized cider from a local orchard for $6.00/gal. My club was able to organize a bulk buy of 100 gallons, which reduced the price to $5.00/gal.

Go to the orchard and get ground apples and press your own. Here is a picture of my ghetto press. I quarter the apples then smash them with a 4x4, I then squeez them threw a paint strainer bag

^^^ awesome!