Correcting OG gravity

Hello, if I have a target OG and I’m a little off it. As a pure example, say I’m 0.062 and I want 0.058 - I could add sugar. I can work out how much sugar. But I will need to boil this first right? Before adding it into the kettle prior to fermentation I don’t know how to work out how much water I’d boil it in? Just literally enough to boil it?

First off… I believe you mean 1.062 and need to get to 1.058… You will not add sugar to reduce the gravity… Simply dilute…

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I would just leave it alone.


No i would not do nothing you just few points off. Like what our brew buddys say just add water. Dont ad sugar. It will give you a higher og

.004 is about 1/2% alcohol. I wouldn’t sweat it.


pitch yeast and move on. If it’s extract it’s probably not really off anyway.