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Corney Kegs

Wow, I just surfed around looking to buy some cornies and man what a shock. Haven’t bought any for a few years, but figured I needed 4 more. Maybe I don’t need them so bad. Anyhow, just had to say something. Sorry. :oops:

Might be able to pick up some at a recycling center. I bought one for a buck a pound…9 bucks for a corny from an actual business? Yes please.

You can get pin lock kegs pretty reasonable, but then you have to buy new disconnects, making them more than ball lock kegs.

I doubt the price will ever go down, I’m glad I bought a bunch when they were around $15.

Back when I bought mine I gave around $15-$18 each for them as well. But, boy has the price jumped.
You can pick up some pinlocks that have been converted to ball locks for $118/4pack. They just don’t have the pull ring valves.

Price was why I went with pin locks for my kegging setup. They’re still expensive, but about $10 cheaper per keg.

I noticed the price jumped up too. I usually buy them from Midwest supplies. They were $30 each for a while, then I noticed recently they jumped up to $45. Quite a jump! Should just spring for new ones if I have a little extra cash, or at least maybe one brand new one.

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