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Corney Keg 2rd fermentor

It was a nice day today, and my NYE beers went way too fast, so I bumped up my inventory and did 2 (5 gallon) batches of beer this afternoon. (Oatmeal Stout and a Guinness Clone)… I used my conical fermenter for the Oatmeal stout and my old glass carboy for the Guinness. My question is about the 2ed fermation of the Guinness… I do not have another 5 gallon glass container, so (as done before) I was planning to keg it out of the primary, and let the keg sit for 2 weeks… so should that be under the standard 15-20 psi to force carbonate? Should that be under for less in case there are some fermentables still in there? Should I vent it?

just wondering

Just leave it in primary until it’s completed fermentation (3-4 weeks) and keg it.


I set my keg pressure to 40 psi for 1 day and then drop it to about 10 psi serving pressure

I agree with loopie that you need to be sure the fermentation is compete first

This. There’s no need for “secondary” with a plain old irish stout.

Well that seems like the easiest advice to follow.
Fwiw, the Dry Irish Stout kit from our benevolent sponsors suggest two week primary, 2 secondary.
And is seems like we got a lot of sediment.

This is after about 24 hours… lots of stuff sitting in the bottom…

It’s just yeast settling out from fermentation and maybe some trub from your boil. Nothing to be concerned about. The NB directions say 2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary for EVERY beer they sell. Give it 3 weeks or so, take a couple of gravity readings to make sure it’s finished but it will be in 3 weeks. Then rack high to low when you rack it to the keg. If you do that carefully you shouldn’t pick up much yeast. Even if you do it will settle to the bottom of the keg in a few days when chilled.

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In addition move the carboy very carefully about a day to the place will you’ll rack to keg. For maximum benefit place something under one side of the carboy (so its tilting) to maximize the volume of beer.

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Thanks… No one was harmed in the racking of the beer today. The fg was at 1.010 (started at 1.045), but there was a heck of a cake on the bottom of the carboy… Racked it out, most of the sediment stayed put. It’s in another carboy, in the fridge, get it cold for a few days, and then keg it… that might be overkill, but I will see how much sediment is in the secondary when I rack that.

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