Cornelius 1891 Parts

Anyone know where to get Cornelius Model 1891 keg parts? The keg posts have two parts, an inner adapter and outer post (crappy photo attached). Simgo in Canada used to have these but they stopped carrying them.

What’s not working?

Here are some parts, maybe one of these will work? ... th=1_3_260

Thanks. I have a couple outer posts that are damaged, also need to get some new poppets. CHI has a good selection but I don’t see the post type for the 1891 kegs. The outer posts look the same as the Firestone posts but they do not fit. These 1891 kegs are pretty old, but still work great.

Maybe they can be re-threaded?

Check out Simgo out of Ontario. 1-800-668-3311

To much winter warmer last night Baratone Brewer? :wink:

Right, Sigmo used to offer these, they had them made at a local machine shop. They stopped offering these a while ago, and no longer have the drawings for the parts either. I might be able to modify the Firestone or newer Cornelius posts, will have to look into that. Would have been easier if Simgo still had the drawings…

Wow! Perhaps so. :lol:
They still list the part numbers in their catalog though.

I think I have a couple sets of then, used of course. Pm me your addy and I’ll drop them inthe mail to you.

Does anybody know where I can get a gasket set for these kegs, or the size seals I need.
Many thanks

Should be the same sizes as any other “soda” keg.

The inner parts are not on the typical cornies these days. I would just take them in to your local hardware store to see what fits.

Have tried that but they didn’t have the right ones…but thanks

Hmm, I would try another hardware store. Or you can order an assortment like here . Do you have the old O-rings? How do they compare to the post O-rings? The usual post and diptube O-rings are sizes 109 and 111.

Have brought 3 different kits metric, imperial, and mixed none work…some of the washers have a square profile I think and no seals on keg already not the correct ones

Anything here look familiar? … Path=3_260
Even if it isn’t on that page, I would give them a call. They have been in the used corny business for years.

Go on McMaster-Carr website and search “o-rings”…There is a slight, printed tutorial on there about o-rings, and their “cross sections”, ( re: round , square, oval, etc…).
You’ll probably find what ya’ need in a “square” profile.