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Corking bottled beer

I know it is common to cork big beers or Belgium Beers in Champagne or Belgium bottles but have any of you bottled just any beer in a Belgium or Champagne bottle with a Belgium Cork? I have a bunch with no intention of doing a Belgium or Big beer for a while but would like to use a bigger bottle just to have in case I head of to a dinner with friends or a tasting party.

I’ve caped champagne and belgium bottles. I don’t have corker. It’s worked out well. If it’s a Euro bottle you’d need 29mm caps. I have a red barron and need to reverse the metal lips and put the 29mm bell housing. If they’re American champagne bottles you need to reverse the lips but still standard caps and housing.

The mouths seem to big for a standard cap. I tried it with the red baron and a standard cap and it didn’t work. I didn’t realize I could make a change on the capper and use a larger cap.

+1 to just capping them. 29mm for Euro style bottles and standard caps for a lot of the newly produced american bottles.

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