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Coriander and Orange Peel Advice?

So,on Sept 5th, I brewed a German Hefe with the rushed intent of serving at a party on Sept 24th. Big starter with 3068 Weistephaner (sp?). Fermented like mad. Was basic recipe 40% white wheat and 60% german pils. Tett for bitter hops, no aroma hops. Lots of O2 and yeast nutrient. Fermented half of the 20g batch 8 days (rush I know) with a final gravity of 1.008 Cold crashed and kegged a week ago. Beer is beautifully hazy and tastes like, well, if you took all of the banana and clove OUT of a good german hefe. I am sure I over pitched and did not stress the yeast enough, as well as 68 degree basement temp, caused the yeast to throw off little to no esters.

I would like advice from anyone if possible. I have a nice mesh dry hop tube. I do love coriander and orange in a wit. Is this a good idea? and how much? I was thinking 1/2 oz crushed coriander and zest of 1 orange. Or maybe dry hop for a few days with czech saaz? or both?

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Ive done it in a weisbier that I thought needed something. I did the zest of I think two oranges dry hopped in a 5 gallon keg. Tasted good but not wit like. Didn’t use coriander. But if I were you I would try if.

Wheat beers are on of the ones I call “good green”. In other words fermented fast and quickly packaged. For me it helps keep it hazy. I have had a few that without trying at all came out very clear. Not what you might want for that style. So I wouldn’t worry about rushing it.

Spice sounds good but be careful with the coriander. Too much will have an overpowering flavor.

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