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Copper Colored IPA Recipe Thoughts?

I have a pound of Michigan Copper hops coming so would really like to make a “copper colored” IPA. Looking at the charts I’m thinking that about SRM 16-18 is what I’m after. Here’s the grain bill I came up with for the beer. Although the amount in the beer is minimal, I am concerned the Blackprinz malt will add a roasty flavor I don’t want. I’ve not had real experience using it so thought I’d throw this out there and see if way off base here. Thanks!

12.0 lb 2-Row
0.9 lb Caramel/Crystal 120L
0.25 lb Melanoidin (DE)
0.25 lb Flaked Oats
0.15 lb Blackprinz (US)
0.15 lb Acidulated Malt (DE)

I’ve been happy with midnight wheat for color without any roasted flavor notes…recipe looks great!

Thanks, I think I’ll sub that in instead. I plan to single hop this with .75 at 60 and then late additions of .5 oz. every 5 minutes from 20 thru FO. Haven’t thought much about a DH but will probably do an oz. at 5 days. Total IBU about 50-55. Thanks again!

The 12 of pale is good… Could even sub Marris Otter
the crystal 120 could go as high as a pound… I’d skip the Mel.
Skip the Flaky oats
Just because… 1/4 up to 1/2 Mid night wheat… ( thats mouth feel, head retention and pH lowering capabilities)
Use like, northern brew hops… an ounce… Bittering
Now I haven’t a clue about copper hops…
Aromatics Find a nice combo for dry hopping to finish… Citra, Cascades… Centennial, Amarillo… And theres more…
:relieved: Sneezles61

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