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Cooling Problem

I need some help here…I feel really stupid right now but I can’t figure this thing out.

I received a used 20 year old refridgerator from my dad, plugged it in in my garage and it was working just fine…cooled to 34 degrees. I took out the inside shelves and such, put in three kegs and a CO2 container, turned the dial up a little because I didn’t want to cool my beer that cold and now I can’t get the fridge any cooler than 52 degrees. I’ve been messing with the temperature dial for a week now and can’t get it any cooler.

Am I missing something here? The freezer works and is currently at 11 degrees. Any ideas?

Sounds like somehow the vent from the freezer to the fridge is stuck/blocked. Not allowing the cold air to move to the fridge.

When you do get it fixed, 34* isn’t to cold for the beer. The colder to temp, the lower the ability of bacteria to get going in the beer. It only takes a minute for the beer to warm up when you pour it in a glass. :wink:

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