Converting Recipe Kit to Full Boil

I’m new to homebrewing, I’ve only done 1 batch of Caribou Slobber so far and the taste test is tonight after 2 weeks in the bottle. I anticipate it is going to be far to bitter for me based on how it tasted when I bottled it and the taste of the Moose Drool I bought to compare it to. I did a full boil on that batch without changing the amount of hops. I did do the steeping separately in the suggested volume, and the added it to the rest of the water in the brew pot.

I intend to do the next batch the same way, however I intend to change the hops to compensate for the improved utilization. This batch recommends a 2.5 gal boil and I intend to do start with 6.5 gal, it uses Styrian Golding bittering hops and Styrian Bobek aroma hops. Using the Beer Recipator software online it basically said to cut the amount of bittering hops in half to keep IBU the same, and not necessary to change the aroma hops.

Does this hop change sound reasonable? Is there anything else that I have overlooked, or could do better to ensure this batch will turn out properly?

Keep the hop schedule the same. New information out there is that hop utilization is not wholly related to wort gravity.
Wait another four to six weeks and taste your Caribou Slobber again. It is a more complex brew than Moose Drool. Has a lot more body and flavors. It is one of my favorites.

Actually, after tasting the Caribou Slobber after 2 weeks in the bottle, it wasn’t nearly as bitter as I thought it would be, actually quite drinkable though still more bitter than I care for. I had decided to let it go a couple of more weeks and try it again. This leads me to believe that your information could be correct, perhaps volume doesn’t affect hop utilization as much as the Recipator program told me it would. Thanks

It’s recommended to use the hop addition from the all grain recipe when doing a full boil of extract.

Good info. I just ordered a PM kit of Caribou Slobber and I think I will cut out some of the hops…did I tell you all I don’t like IPAs ? :slight_smile:

Bitterness will definitely recede with age, so this batch isn’t a lost cause. That said, if it is too bitter for your taste, then cut back on the bittering charge. Why make a beer a certain way if you aren’t happy with it?