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Convert a RODI system

Ok got this RODI water filter system I used for aquarium hobby. I was thinking of using for brewing. Whatsthe recommended set up for brewing? Skip the RO membrane?, just use sediment and carbon filter? , of course all hinges on my local water testing out right. Which leads me to another question is there a site that offers water testing? Or how would I get the test results from my water company?

I use my RO filter a couple of ways. I’ve tapped into the line after it has gone through the sediment and 2 carbon block filters and use this for most of my brews. On very light beers I cut the filtered water with around 60-75% RO water.

You can get your water tested at Ward Labs
, I think most get the W-6 test.

thanks for the info…sending test sample out tomorrow. On the filter system I have a three cansiter and a membrane housing set up. How would a sedimate and 2 carbon filters sound?

I have a RO/DI filter that I use for my aquariums and also for all of my brewing water. When making water for brewing I bypass the DI unit and built the desired water profile with salt additions. Just running the RO the water usually tests around 5-6 TDS.


Isn’t using the RO membrane for beer a little too much. I thought it took to much out of the water. I was just going to use a sediment and double carbon block setup. Of course providing that my local water tests out ok. Should have those tests back in a week or so.

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