I have red Irish ale in the primary fermenter. It’s been over two week. I took a gravity test two days ago which resulted in 1.01. I took another one today which was also 1.01. An hour later i noticed there’s activity in the airlock. Very slow, but still I’m curious. Is it possible I contaminated it while taking the second sample, or what might cause this?

You may have caused a CO2 release if the trub/yeast layer was disturbed. Or the barometric pressure changed or the beer in the fermentor warmed up a couple of degrees releasing CO2 in solution. 1.010 is a good finish for the Irish Red Ale.

No, spoilage microbes take several days before they can affect gravity. Chances are your beer was saturated with CO2, and disturbing it caused it to off-gas excess CO2. RDWHAHB.