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Concerned about pitching and fermentation temps

Brewed several batches lately and have not got the temps wherte I wanted them…pitching over 70… Maybe even 74 and fermenting in 68-70 ambient…I generally like to pitch in low 60 's and ferment around 62-65 for ten days minimum, but have several batches for four weeks out of laziness…with the higher temps do I check my gravity and get the beer off the yeast asap or do I leave on the yeast longer…is leaving on the yeast at warm temps creating more off. Flavors or is leaving on the yeast helping clear the off flavors…

P.s. I have not tasted just assuming there are off flavors because of the temps…yeast is us05… Beers are pale ale, porter, and IPA.


The esters and fusel alcohols that are created by yeast when working at higher temperatures occur during the “active” phase of fermentation, usually the first few days. Leaving it on the yeast longer likely won’t help reduce those, but it will reduce other things that may be produced during that time, such as acetaldehyde (green apple) and diacetyl (butter/butterscotch).

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