Commercial Keg to Homebreww Keg Crossover

I’m sorry if this comes off as idiotic, but the story goes that I’ve been terribly busy this fall and haven’t been able to make time to boil, since my Imperial Pumpkin Porter for Halloween.

Needless to say I’ve kicked all of my homebrew. I am out of time to prepare anything for the holidays, but my friends and family have become accustomed to to a variety of choices at our place.

I have 3 taps coming from my keezer, but only one set up with a connection for commercial kegs.

So…what would be the repercussions if I were pour the contents of a commercial kegs (via the tap) into a homebrew keg, then hook it back up via my homebrew connections…hence leaving the commercial hook-up free to buy a second variety of commercial brew for the parties…

Make Sense? Thoughts?

Interesting question. Not sure about the answer. I would think it would be fine, may not last long though?
Not sure where you live and all, but I was thinking if there was a craft brewery near by maybe you could call them and they could fill up a corny keg for you.

You will be better off making a jumper. Just make up tubing that connects to the beer out from your Sanke (or whatever commercial keg tap) to a liquid out soda QD. If you are using ball locks pull the pressure release once in while when transferring. With pin locks press the gas in with a screwdriver or something to release some pressure.

That fill the cornie keg from the bottom up so there is less foaming. I have dome this a few times and it works out pretty good. The amount of foam you get will prevent filling the entire 5 gallon keg unless you go slowly.

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What hd4mark said. Whatever you do don’t pour the beer. That would most likely oxygenate the beer and you probably loose some canonization as well.