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Pretty cool but pricey. The cans in the video looked empty. I wonder what it looks like with ones that are full. Already carbonated seems like it would be a huge mess no matter how careful you were.

Think I will stick to kegs and occasional bottles.

Funny was just in a brewery and they were putting in a crowler machine that does 16-64oz growlers. The tender told me with it she can sell any beer on tap in 16oz cans to go. For homebrew use probably bottles are cheaper and reusable. But if you have the money and the space why not impress your friends. Won’t need to clean bottles anymore just toss em

I think it’d be great gizmo to have… Yes it’s a bit pricey… Think of it like golf… A pull cart works just fine… But an electric golf cart… Very nice! Maybe a nice gift to ones self when you’ve time to brew a lot!

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