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Any positive experience with IPA hop bills that include both Columbus and Citra? I am trying to tone down the fuity/tropical influence just a bit from my standard combo of:

50% Simcoe
25% Citra
25% Amarillo.

Not looking for major changes though. I am thinking of:
40% Simcoe
25% Columbus
25% Citra
10% Amarillo

Never having combined the CTZ with Citra, I am wondering if that would clash or not. I could replace the CTZ with Chinook too.

I have a recipe that uses Columbus with the three you mention but not in a dry hopping capacity. The Columbus was for bittering only. I think its worth a try but I too wonder about a clash in the making.

Thanks. And I should clarify, this question is in relation to the flavor/aroma profile of the hop bill, not bittering. I’ll be doing a long hopstand and dry hop with whatever hop combo I decide upon.

Careful with the bittering. I like Citra but it give a serious cat litter smell if used early in the boil.


In my opinion, Citra is best for dry hopping, not so good for boil additions. My palate likes it with Chinook for moderately hoppy pale ales, and I’ve used it with success for light dry hopping with Tettnang for more lightly hopped pale ales. Again, just my opinion, ymmv…

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