Colorado seasonals

Heading back to CO for a couple weeks. Any good seasonals to look for.

Might check this one out:

Well heading home from Colorado and didn’t really get to try many new beers. My son in law has been doing some control work at the local brewery. They are expanding again adding some fermenters and bright tanks. Drank some beer off the canning line can’t get fresher than that just grabbed a can before capping it was kind of neat. He gets free beer as a benefit so the larder was filled with bonfire brewery beers so that’s what we drank. Did go to the tap roon where they have about twenty on tap. A coupe seasonal that I enjoyed were “The Crack” which is a Belgian triple and also n imperial red 8.8% don’t remember the name. Can only get those at the brewery. Had a nice talk with Eddie the new head brewer talked about Belgians and ciders he said there license doesn’t allow them to brew cider but he is thinking of maybe a graff it has to be. A majority beer though. He told me I should try kc brewing in glen wood springs for Belgians.