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Colonna Bench Capper - crap or not?

Recently posted about a carbonation problem, and we pretty much determined that the bottles had to have leaked during carbonation. (A few were perfectly carbonated but most of them not at all… no middle ground.)

This was the second batch I bottled with the colonna capper. The first turned out fine. But this was the FIRST batch I ever used oxy-absorbing caps. Any issue with those?

There are only a handful of reviews on the cappers on here - it’s well noted that the bell likes to hold on to the cap. I usually pull my bottle off of the bell at an angle rather than twisting it (as one reviewer noted) so I wonder if I’m creating a leak that way.

I just really wanna hammer this out, cause I just brewed 6g of some really awesome stuff yesterday, and I’ll be damned if this is gonna happed again! I’m half temped to go back to the Red Baron and standard caps.

Pulling the bottle off at an angle sounds like a likely source of your leakage. I don’t know why the bell snags the cap. if its slightly small you might use some emery paper on it to see if you can’t get the right tolerance.

I have several antique cappers and the things work great.

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