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Cold crashing before aging?

So I’m looking to age my imperial stout in a glass 5 gal carboy after a 2week secondary on top of cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. I’m gunna age this beer until next Nov or Dec and was wondering if cold crashing your secondary prior to transferring to a more permanent home for a while is something that is done or is even a thing…? I guess the idea is to drop out any matter or yeast that may be around… anyone got any pointers on that?

I’ve had success with bulk aging RIS in a carboy for 9+ months. Cold crash it a week before kegging to drop out any remaining yeast and tannins. I prefer it this way so the trub settles in the carboy rather than the keg.

NOTE: keep it out of light and check the airlock often so it doesn’t run dry.

I have taken to aging beers in kegs to avoid the dry airlock problem. It also protects against light.


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