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Cold crash temps, what's safe?

I don’t have a spare fridge. I have a batch to bottle tomorrow and wonder if 29 to 30 degrees is too cold out for the carboy to sit on the front porch overnight. If I have to I could wake up around 3am or something, put the carboy out there and just retrieve it for bottling by 8 or 9am.

depends on your ABV, the lower the gravity the quicker it could freeze. you might put a blanket around it

Is it good to cold crash right before bottling. I am new to this and have not tried any cold crashing before. I am going to bottle an american wheat kit tonight and could put mine outside for a few hours as well if this is a good practice. Once bottled I am guessing that you just bring let the bottles come back up to room tempature to properly carbonate for the two to four weeks. How does the cold crashing effect your beer. Thanks in advance for any help.

Cold crashing helps to clear the beer. As it gets cold, many of the substances floating on the top and in the beer fall to the bottom. I cold crash in the low 40s for a four to seven days then bottle them. I don’t let the beer warm back up to room temp, but I don’t see an issue either way.

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