Cold crash question

So I am cold crashing for the first time , and the airlock is moving in reverse sucking air back into the carboy. I understand the physics of it but don’t like it. It is obviously sucking air with O2 back into my carboy. I suppose since CO2 is heavier than air, there will still be a blanket of CO2 over the beer to stop oxidation but it feels wrong. Any opinion/experience out there. Should I have done something else?

Thanks, t

It’ll be fine. It’s just negative pressure doing its job. The C02 blanket will keep your beer safe.

Once the temps equalize, the air will get pushed back out by the c02.

If you’re cold crashing, fermentation is over and you don’t need an airlock. Just seal the fermenter with foil, plastic wrap, etc.

Just loosen the air lock every couple hours as it cools down. Once it is cool, it will stop sucking in