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Co2 tanks hydrotest or replace

My tank is past the 5 year hydrotest date. Anyone have theirs tested? If so where? Did you just buy a new one or did you trade it in at a gas supply for one of their tanks? My LHBS fills tanks. I like my aluminum tank but haven’t found a decent price locally. Nervous about buying online and getting a tank with a stamp date a year or so in already.

You don’t need to replace it! Find an oxygen or gas supply place, welders supply shop, or fire extinguisher/equipment shop that fills tanks. They should be able to hydrotest and certify you for another 5 years.

If the tank is not special to you, I’d just exchange at the gas place. Not sure what it’ll cost have it tested but if you exchange it they make sure that all tanks are up to date. Seems like the hydros/inspections on my SCUBA tanks are like $10.00 each. Only downside to the exchange is that sometimes the tanks are not the prettiest.

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It works either way but a plus of trade-in is that you walk in with an empty expired tank and walk out with a full one - no waiting for a hydro.

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About 40 us for a hydro test. Beter get a new one. Buy a tank filled all ready

Cheap for hydro test a scuba tank. Here on island. 40 dollar. We just did about 200 tanks at the diveshop

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I have a tank that has to be 30 years old. Have had it tested every 5. Looking back, it would have been better to pay (and never get back) the deposit and just swap it out. Who cares what it looks like. It’s what is inside that counts.

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I bought a 20# aluminum cylinder from Roberts Oxygen a few years ago. Not long after I bought it I took it in for a fill. The guy came back with a different full tank. I told him I wanted my brand new tank. He claimed it was already mixed in with all the tanks in back and he’d have no way of identifying it unless I had my name on it which I didn’t and said I wasn’t allowed in their warehouse area…I was pretty pissed at the time and let him know it. Even called the manager out and gave him crap about it since i’d had the tank filled a few times and no other employee had done a switch like that. I made sure the tank they gave me had an expiration date that was more than 4 years and left vowing never to return.

Of course I got over it…Like @hd4mark says it’s what’s inside that matters. No one sees my CO2 cylinder but me anyway…

So when it get’s close to expiring I’ll take it to Roberts and tell them I want to swap it out. They better not even think about giving me any crap…haha

I’m having trouble locating a place that will hydro test. Not too many websites list it as a service. I normally get my co2 filled at the LHBS so I dont even know where a gas supply place is. We have a company called Air Gas around here that my work uses for oxygen and acetylene. I’ll have to call some places when I have some time. I wouldn’t mind going to a 10 lb tank.

Air Gas should be able to do the exchange or upsize you or, if you want to keep the tank, turn you on to a place that will do a hydro for you.

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Air gas can do it!


Air gas is where I get mine filled in Key West. Or I should say swapped out. I found them expensive compared to the fire equipment supply I use up north that can do the hydrostatic test.

I also find most of the CO2 places don’t care where the tank came from. Even if there is a different company name on it. In the long run I think you are better off not owning a tank and if you do, go in and play dumb like it’s not yours. Then let them swap it for a full one. The price of the tank may even be close to the deposit on theirs and no more getting it tested or waiting for a fill.

Agree that the gas places don’t care where it came from. Bought a couple of used ones for emergency backup and exchanged them no questions asked.

I’ll have to check out Air Gas. Weighed my tank to see how much was left. Tare weight is 7.7 lbs weighed 9 lbs 6.5 oz so I have about 1.7 lbs left.

I bought a tank , full from a friend… good price. Went to exchange it… no way!!! Found out, its a coke a cola tank… Took it to the local pop shop , 35 bucks later, a fresh 20 lb cylinder full! I was happy!
Well then my other tank fried (bad O-rings) took it to the other place that wouldn’t take the coke tank. That is were I got the fried one from in the first place… A 10- lb-er… nope we don’t do that size any more!! :rage: I would have to leave a 150 buck deposit and then pay for a fill on a 20 lb-er!!! I’ve about had it… Told them I’ll just drive up to Air gas and take care of it… Graciuosly, the owner said he’d swap the tank for the up graded size. I asked how much was the difference for a deposit betwixt them… ABOUT 5 BUCKS!!! :dizzy_face: I just don’t get it… They wouldn’t refund my deposit, on the 10 lb-er until Air gas refunded them… maybe in a couple of weeks!! Sneezles61

How do you spell customer service… Jackwagons… Guess they really don’t want to do that business.

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I found a Fire & Safety Equipment place a little bit of a drive from me. Going to see what they charge for test. Not sure I want to go to Air Gas I feel like they will give me the run around or just tell me to just trade it in. I really don’t want to get rid of the tank. It’s a Luxfer tank with a Sherwood valve on it.

I bought another tank from my LHBS as a back up. A mistake for sure. I called first to ask about brand of the tank they sell (the person who answered wasn’t sure) and I asked about hydrotest date and was told “they should be pretty current.” So when I went in I figured I didnt have to ask they knew I was the person who called. When I got home and looked it was already 2 years in. I was trying to support my LHBS and not order one online. I could have took the chance and saved money. I didn’t care so much that the tank wasn’t a Luxfer tank. I figured it was new and would have 5 years of life on it. Not so much.

Rent, not to own… rent… whats the secret word of the day? Sneezles61

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I got the Luxfer tank from friend for free. Refills at LHBS are $15. I don’t know maybe it is cheaper, maybe it is easier, maybe not. If I didnt buy one a new from my LHBS because I needed one and I could have other one hydro tested in time I’d be golden. But I rushed and paid for it. Overall I’m just disappointed about the old tank stamp date. Ok rant over. APA is on gas now set it and forget it style.

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Much easier to swap especially if you’re Homebrew shop does it. Might be a couple bucks more but non of the above mentioned problems. And you can still have it filled somewhere else just make sure it’s marked and tell them you want that one filled and wait. Plus it gives you a chance to pick up some other supplies

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