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CO2 Tanks and Filling in MSP

Hi, I’m looking for some advice on CO2 tanks and filling in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’m hoping that some people from the area here can give me some good advice. I do not currently have a CO2 tank but am looking at getting one, probably a 10# tank, maybe a 5#. What I do not want is to buy a new aluminum tank and then exchange it for a beat up old steel one. I’d also prefer not to have to drive all over the place to get it filled especially if I have to leave it. I’m in far Southwest Minneapolis and work in Inver Grove Heights.

  1. Is there a preference of aluminum vs. steel? I think from what I’ve read so far I’d prefer aluminum but I’m not entirely certain.

  2. I know the fire extinguisher place on Washignton(?) used to fill while you waited but they moved out of town. Is there somewhere in town that will fill while you wait?

  3. Assuming I have to go with an exchange place a) will they exchange aluminum for aluminum or will it be luck of the draw b) is there a recommendation of where to buy a used tank. If I’m going to be exchanging no point in buying a new tank.

  4. Best deal on a tank online + shipping or locally (and if locally, where) ?

  5. Any idea what hydro costs in the area in case I need that done?

Anything I’m missing?


Check out Beverage Elements.
They are in MSP. I would think you can stop by to pick things up so they don’t ship it across town.

Hydro test where I live run about $15.

AL have more frequent hydro requirements.

They do not allow local pickup and they do not list there address makes me wonder :?:

The place that used to be on Washington Ave was Al-Safe they have moved all there operation up to Wyoming. They sell brand new aluminum along with refurbished steel tanks at very good prices.
We bought a new 10 lb alum tank filled for $89 with tax a 7 lb steel filled for $49 and a 15 lb steel for I think $65 again filled.

I like these guys - Oxygen Services Company - 1111 W Pierce Butler Route. They swap, but will have anything you need and some. Friendly and quick. They’re not too far from me so I like the convenience and they’re open till 11 on Saturday. Their number is 651 644-7273 give them a call and compare prices - last I checked - two years ago, they came out slightly less than others. They swap beer gas cans too.

OSC, has always treated me good. They are by far the quickest in the market. I can expect to be in and out within 5 minutes. Northern brewer “grand ave” uses them for all there swaps in the past anyway. You should also be able to use their lyndale location or Midwest store to swap a tank for a few bucks more than OSC themselves.

If you can find a used steel tank. That is by far the cheapest and easier route as you don’t need anything other than a swap each time. Call OSC directly they might be the best price all around.
I looked at that new beverage site and a 20# used steel tank is cheap at $65 bucks and will last a Looooong time. I recently swapped a 20# at OSC for $35 and it was over 1.5-2 years since I swapped one. They also list a 5# for $34 buck pretty cheap…although I will chime in with Chuck,
they are barebones and show no semblance of who runs the place or where thier at exactly and they are using SEO services out of Dehli, India…I would trust my dollars with a NB, more beer or any other long established company before this place. Again speak to OSC directly to buy an everyday, common used 5-20# steel tank filled on the purchase too and you will probably find it at or below “retail” pricing. As all “retail” tanks will be empty and you will be filling or swapping right away also.

Thanks for the advice so far!

I’ll second OSC for a quick exchange. Just exchanged my 5lb aluminum for a 5lb aluminum for $15. They have a card punch program where you buy 5 and get 6th one free, so it works out to $12.50 each.

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